Blog: a new type of psychotherapy

Millions of people talk about themselves on the Web every day. The Internet wiped the boundaries and squeezed the time to the limit. Blogs on social networks have become for many a new way of self -knowledge and personality development.

Surely there are those who will call social networks with an empty waste of time, but today they have become an important part of the life of millions of people. Every day, the owners of profiles on their pages share their experience, splash out negative feelings or talk about their joy, talking about what they saw, what was struck and inspired.

The first blog appeared back in 1992. With the increase in the speed of the connection, new platforms arose – the traditional form of the personal diary gradually changed by publics of new formats: now users have more opportunities to express themselves through text, sound, images, video sequence, combine all this in different proportions, instantly share content with others and receive feedback.

“A blog is a unique way to know yourself, in particular by comparing your thoughts and feelings with the reactions of other people,” comments psychologist Alexander Voyskunsky. “He changes a person’s gaze at himself, helps to part with unnecessary illusions, heal painful memories, to say something difficult to admit even to himself”. Turning to the imaginary interlocutor, this is easier to do it.

“A blog is a miniature life,” adds psychologist Anna Reznikova. – This is a really important component of our lives – to record our thoughts, feelings and actions. In a rapidly changing world, the blog leading not only helps to quickly share his news with other people, but also analyze what is happening with himself and develop ”.

The path to change

There are those who mainly create content, and those who absorb more. And the second category does not always turn into the first. There must be some kind of impetus, impulse, motivating motive to start leading a page. According to Alexander Voyskunsky, “changes in life or mood can overpower the shyness, uncertainty, finally, doubts about their own literacy – and the representative of the“ silent ”for the time being“ most ”will become active, gaining readers blogger”.

Many users begin to blog when they are going through difficult times. Activity on the network, like a course of psychotherapy, helps in acute life situations, which a person can’t do it himself. Blog maintenance allows you to save the guidelines when in life everything rises to the head.

“I realized that even in my situation you can enjoy life”

Alena, blogger on Instagram (extremist organization banned in Russia)

After the birth of a seriously ill child, I went through all the stages of grief from denial and anger to humility and acceptance. I even had thoughts to leave somewhere where no one knows me. But at some point I realized that I could not keep everything in myself, and began to describe on the blog how I live with a special child, what difficulties I have, gradually began to write about all my throwing and experiences.

At that moment, the blog began for me to accept and live difficulties. When I shared with other painful problems, it became easier for me. Very soon, I began to receive tremendous support from people completely unfamiliar to me, and gradually I began to change the attitude to this whole situation. I parted with fears and prejudices about people with disabilities, I realized that even in my situation you can enjoy life and that if you be a kind and open world, then the world will become favorable to you. When I was convinced by my experience that there are a lot of caring people in the world, it gave me a lot of effort and energy.

Thanks to the blog, I met a huge number of wonderful mothers with whom we exchange experience. Understanding that you are not the only one with such a problem, gives great support.

Today I am also sharing my conclusions, conclusions and positive thinking techniques that I have developed for myself. Many mothers with special children

who, only at the beginning of their difficult path, also respond, thank me for the fact that my blog helps them in many ways to live difficulties. It inspires me so much that my son and I can be useful to the world and help someone. Recently I was fond of creating jewelry and began to lead another page. This gives me other sensations – self -confidence, a sense of realization and success that she herself was able to develop her little business from scratch.

A special type of network diary – “Blogs of Life Planes” “VKontakte” or on Facebook (an extremist organization banned in Russia). Their authors every day lead a chronicle of some important event in their lives: rejection of smoking, preparing for a wedding or searching for a school for a child. Such a “on -board journal” allows you to decide on priorities, to clarify your goals and stages of promotion ”. “Such blogs are very disciplined,” says Olga Levushkina. -Their authors take on the obligations to change something in their lives, realize the plan, determine the terms and, as the heroine of the film “Julie and Julia” (dir. Nora Efron), under many views are forced to fulfill their plan “. (Secretary Julie Powell during the year after day tries to cook all French cuisine dishes described in the famous Culinary Book of Julia Child. The girl describes all her victories and defeats on the culinary front on the blog.) Bloggers become authors of their multi -part scenario and leading performers. And need the public, which will follow them with lingering their breath.

Means of communication and creativity

Each person needs creative expression. The famous psychiatrist and psychotherapist Mark vigorously wrote: “Since any work releases a large amount of positive energy, any creativity is healing”.

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